Step by step Quarantine procedure:

After receiving fish, they are visually checked by Dr.Reef for any visible issues. Temperature is matched by floating the bags for 30 min.
Most wholesalers send us fish at Salinity 1.018 and temp of 80F, so we keep our QT tanks at Salinity 1.018 and temp at 80F. Over time we will bring the salinity upto 1.021-1.023 range.

Please expect Salinity of 1.021-1.023 for fish. (reduces stress and suppresses ammonia during shipping)


Fish go straight into quarantine tanks with either Chloroquine Phosphate or Copper power.
Starting doses are: CP at 20 mg/gal and Copper at 1ppm
After 24 hrs, we increase the doses to their final levels, CP at 40 mg/gal or Copper at 1.75-2.00 ppm
Fish stay in these levels for 2 weeks.

After 14 days we move them to observation tanks.

In observation, First week we administer General Cure to get rid of internal parasites. We repeat General Cure treatment every 3 days for first 10 days.

Second week we administer Fish Bendazole to get rid of internal worms and flukes. Along with Metronidazole to rid Uronema and internal parasites.

From Day 1 we mix Metronidazole and General Cure in fish food so fish can consume these medicine directly and have better chance at fighting disease.

At 4-6 weeks fish are ready to ship. If customers like me to keep them in observation little longer, i can, please let me know.

Feeding: We feed 2 times a day. All fish are fed a 50/50 mixture of frozen Mysis & frozen brine. In some cases frozen blood worms.