Quarantined Fish Are Safe Fish

You Can Order Any Fish You Want

We Will Ship Them Healthy And Clean

Guaranteed To Arrive Alive

yellow coris wrasse

We Quarantine And Medicate

Either Chloroquine Phosphate or Copper Power.

Prazipro, Fish Bendazole, Metronidazole

Added At The Exact Right Time:

Quarantined Inverts

Prices include quarantine procedures. There are no other charges except shipping. You can compare our prices to most online retailers and will find our prices to be about the same with added benefit of our fish been through conditioning. All Snails are sold in lots of 5,10 & 25.

Cleaner Shrimp

Astraea Turbo Snail

Turbo Snail

Peppermint Shrimp

Emerald Crab

Dr. Reef’s Safe, Healthy Fish

Order by request (We can get any fish you want)

To quarantine fish on mass scale is very much impossible, So it has to be done on smaller scale and on personal basis. That’s why we take orders on request. We may have a few fish left over from previous orders or some fast moving fish, otherwise all orders are by request.

Dr Reef

Quarantined Fish LLC is a Hobby turned into business. We specialize in conditioned and quarantined fish. All orders are by request. I may have a few very common and fast selling fish on hand that maybe conditioned and quarantined but for most part, by requests only.

Most of you may know me from different online reef forums as Dr. Reef

yellow coris wrasse

Healthy, Long Life Fish Is My Passion