Frequently Asked Questions

Please sign up for an account on the website and add the livestock to your cart and place order. If a livestock is missing or not mentioned please mention it in the additional information section at checkout and I will add it in.

I send out invoices via PayPal just a few days prior to shipping.

I only require deposit on very expensive fish or rare fish that I may not be able to sell if client was to back out.

Normally I order double to triple the fish requested as a back up and assurance policy. If all make it through qt, back up fish go to sale on my website.

If I already have your fish in stock then not so long; but if I have to find it and qt it then 30-45 days.

I guarantee live arrival and 7 days stay alive (Only on qt’ed livestock) Expert only and Conditioned livestock remains alive arrival only.

I cant guarantee my qt protocol as no procedure is 100% safe. Also we treat for very major common diseases. There could be many variables that are at play which can effect health of your livestock. Prime example I have seen, clients added chaeto or frags or rocks from a non qted/cured source and brought some nasty into their tank.

In case of DOA, We can do one of the following:

1. Issue refund for the DOA.


2. Send free replacement on next order.


3. Send free replacement alone if you pay shipping.

I feed frozen mysis and brine mix 50/50

All Fish are shipped at 1.021-23 range while Inverts are more closer to 1.023-25.

Please see

Fully qt’ed fish have gone through all the procedures and treatments mentioned above and are safe to go into clients tanks. While conditioned fish are for people that dont want fully qt’ed fish or they have their own qt or simply dont qt at all and they can take advantage of cheaper cost livestock. On conditioned fish I can beat any online retailers price pretty much.

I place them in sterile tanks for 76 days. These invert tanks are completely fish-less and only carry snails and shrimp.

I ship on Tuesdays 99% of the time. Its my day off from my other businesses, Plus Fedex and Ups only cover my shipments if shipped on Tues or Wed and shipped to hub due to covid delays

Check out shipping section in footer below.