About Dr. Reef


My name is Mike (Dr. Reef), I am located in Tulsa Oklahoma. I own a Taxi and Limo business, along with being an independent contractor as a software engineer, that keep me very busy. I started keeping fish at very early age, starting with freshwater then moving on to saltwater.

How It Started

After I got into saltwater I realized diseases and problems that existed in them. As a student of medicine I got more interested in knowing what all these diseases were and how I could cure them. Google did not exist back then and internet was still in dialup and dsl stages. So I read a lot of books and somewhat material that was available online. Most of my medication practices came from general knowledge that I learned in medical school. I started trying everything I had heard of and known to help. Some medicines were just heard of and no experiments had been conducted. After many trials and error I came up with the protocol I use on my QT fish now.


I do this for fun. This is a hobby that turned into a small garage business and now expanded into a full size warehouse. At first I was selling cured fish to local hobbyist in Tulsa area. Then a couple of store owners, where I frequented, started to send me their sick fish to help cure and revive. That turned into more people knowing about me and thus I started getting requests and fish from all over Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas. People from all these neighboring states started bringing or shipping their fish to me. I did that for about 15 yrs and then I ran into a person (humblefish) who was doing qtying as well on larger scale than me and helped me setup few accounts at different wholesalers and taught me how to ship. He semi retired leaving all his clients and followers to me. That gave me a lot of new clients and expanded my services from local to US wide.

International Shipping

Now I am shipping fish to all 50 states, Hawaii included (just waiting on my permit to come back), Canada and few other international countries. With most famous online fish forums giving me an exposure as a sponsor, it gave me a new exposure. It brought a lot more people to me and helped promote healthy livestock.

Quarantine Tanks

As I mentioned I started out of my house garage which quickly turned into a shop and now a warehouse. I get my qt tanks custom made from Concept Aquariums in Calgary Canada. These tanks have removable dividers for me to accommodate small to large fish.


I do my best to cure all fish but nothing is 100% guaranteed due to many variables at play but my reputation is well known around the internet. I thank you and appreciate the trust and support in my passionate work.