Terms and Conditions


All shipments are sent via FedEx Priority Overnight service. Livestock is bagged in sterile and new saltwater, topped off with industrial grade Oxygen. All boxed in styrofoam coolers which includes either a heat pack or cold pack depending on the weather to maintain 68F-84F.

We do not charge clients till livestock is ready to ship. You will receive an electronic invoice at the end of quarantine. Once paid, we ship the livestock within 2 business days.

We offer Alive Arrival and 7 Days Stay Alive Guarantee*

In case of a DOA please email me a pic of the fish out of water with white background within 2 hrs of the delivery. In case of shipping mishap I will cover the fish for 7 days after delivery to customer or if returned to me i will observe/condition fish for 2 more weeks before shipping back out.

In case of a doa we can do one of the following:

  1.  Issue Refund for doa. OR
  2.  Issue Store Credit. OR
  3.  Send (one time) Replacement if you pay shipping.

Promotional rates such as Free Shipping is only for Quarantined livestock.

It does not apply on conditioned livestock or promotional items. Does not apply towards DOA replacements or cannot be credited towards purchasing livestock.

* 7 day guarantee applies to QT’ed livestock only. Conditioned and Expert only livestock remain Alive Arrival Guarantee.