Conditioned Fish

These are conditioned fish and not quarantined. They will have a head start in your quarantine tank as some of the initial work has been done by us. Customers must follow with their own quarantine protocol.

Our goal is to carry quarantined livestock but there are many clients and hobbyist that want to quarantine their own fish or maybe they don’t quarantine at all, So we have a cheaper option for them to buy livestock.

Step by step Conditioning procedure:

Fish go straight into quarantine tanks with Hydrogen Peroxide at 175 ppm.
This process rids some internal and most external parasites. Fish stay in these levels for 1 hour.

After 1 hour we move them to sterile tanks.

In sterile tanks, We administer Prazipro and Metronidazole to get rid of internal parasites. Doses are normally double the recommendations.

After 24 hours of being treated fish are ready to ship. If customers like me to keep them in observation for few more day, I can, please let me know.