Acclimation Procedure


  • I feed frozen mysis and brine mix. 50/50

  • I feed that mix 2 times a day. In some cases I also feed live blood worms or black worms.

Step by Step Acclimation procedure

  • After receiving the package please inspect the box and bags for damage

  • Please check all bags and make sure fish arrived alive.

  • After checking please float all unopened bags in your sump or tank for temperature acclimation. Float for 20-30 min.

  • After temp acclimation, release all fish in a bucket along with transport water. (keep inverts separate) fish transport water may have ammonia reducer or methylene blue etc.

  • Check salinity of the transport water and tank water.

  • If salinity is within 1 point:
    • After temperature acclimation simply release fish to your tank
  • If salinity is within 2 points:
    • After temperature acclimation, release all fish and transport water into a bucket.
    • Take out 25% transport water and discard it. Replace it with same amount of tank water or new saltwater.
    • Wait 10 min and repeat the water exchange again. Wait 10 min between each exchange. Check the salinity and it should be within 1 point and you can choose to either release them into tank or do another exchange if there are very sensitive fish in the mix.
  • If salinity is more than 3 points:
    • Follow the steps above and keep replacing transport water with new saltwater or tank water giving 10 min in between each exchange till salinity is a match.
    • Note: For sensitive fish and inverts it’s best to drip acclimate over 30-45 min or longer if salinity is off more than 3 points.
    • Also keep an eye on ammonia and place some sort of water movement or air stone in the bucket.